A Briefer Guide To Becoming An Astronaut

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Since we are critical beings, we have been intrigued by the wonderful things that are above

our heads. Our curiosity was so huge, that for 1961 we had officially sent the first human to

the outer space: Yuri Gagarin; The first astronaut (or cosmonaut) in history. Since then, events

such as the Apollo 11 moon landing or the launch of the InSight lander, have influenced us to

imagine us as astronauts.

Neil Armstrong - The First Astronaut To Step On The Surface Of Moon ( Image Credits - bit.ly/2UNLvA6 )

To apply, you must have a broad academic career, and, before everything else, you must be a person with a tremendous scientific inspiration. Usually, NASA astronauts have at least a degree in Engineering, Biological Sciences or Mathematics; even many of them have doctorates in their fields.

Civilians can also apply to be astronauts; But you have to fulfill a minimum experience of 3 years as a pilot-in-command on jets. But don’t worry, it is not necessary to be an aviation expert for being an astronaut candidate. For example, the Puerto Rican Joseph Acaba graduated in Geology (with a master's degree), became a Sergeant in the Marine Corps of the United States Reserve, and was a hydrogeologist in Los Angeles, among many other tasks that turned him successfully in a cosmonaut.

You must have a 20/20 vision, your blood pressure should not be more than 140/90 when you are sitting, and you must have a height between 5′ 2″ and 6′ 3″. In general, you must be in good physical condition. If you are chosen, you are going to have two years of training; in where you will continue being an astronaut candidate. This training will rate you at different atmospheric pressures and will teach you about the International Station, etc. Barbara Morgan arrived at space as a graduate in human biology from Stanford University. So, it is not impossible. Fight for your dream of being an astronaut!

Written by: Andres Felipe Pinzon Pulecio

Andres Felipe Pinzon Pulecio is volunteering for Voyager Space Outreach to write Blog Posts on Space/STEM oriented topics.

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