A Day in the Life of an Engineering Student

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

What is Engineering?

Engineering is an art form. Engineering is taking different pieces or systems that may or may not already function individually and putting them all together using empirical evidence and mathematical methods to form functioning systems and solutions for present society. There are a lot of different fields of study in Engineering, as you can expect. I’m a Software Engineering major but a lot of my friends major in Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace, Petroleum, Systems, Chemical, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Each of these fields is unique, yet connected and offers a range of possibilities for you to explore your talents and capabilities.

What are some skills you might need to excel in an Engineering field?

There are a lot of individual skill sets needed for each field but the basic blanket skills needed for all fields are Math, Physics, Technical drawing, and Critical thinking skills.

So what will a day in your life be like? Let me walk you through mine.

Let's begin the work... engineering work.

6:00 am

You will wake up to the blaring sound of an alarm. You’ll pick up your phone like all millennials are cursed to do and probably reply to some emails and texts.

7:30 am

Depending on when your classes start (most college classes start by 8 am), you will get out of your dorm and head to class.

8:00 am

Your day either consists of three two-hour classes or two three-hour classes. You’ll enjoy some, and for some, you will be downright confused. Never worry, you can ask as many questions as you would like to. You’ll take a lot of notes, most for study, and some help for the coding projects you’re working on. You’ll take a lot of mental notes too.

2:00 pm

It’s lunchtime and you get to hang out with your friends and classmates. Your friends are just as nerdy as you are so you end up talking about homework and making plans for your group study sessions at night. Fun times.

3:00 pm

You head back to your dorm. If you’re anything like me, you whip out your computer to get some work done and write code. You will end up spending 90 percent of your time finding out how to do what you need to do and just 10 percent actually doing it. That’s okay, it’s the life you chose. You probably get a snack.

7:00 pm

You take a nap.

Engineers like to take a nap too... and they work equally harder! ( Image Credits - bit.ly/2DuJiTf )

8:00 pm

Your alarm goes off. You head back to campus to meet with your friends. You talk about random stuff for some time before you actually get to studying. You will solve complex problems together and study the different dynamics of your solutions. You will appreciate having people around who share the same passion and goals with you because you understand how easy it can be to isolate yourself completely and be overwhelmed with the stress and workload of school. You will have people who understand you and grow with you.

2:00 am

You’re probably back in your room. You try not to wake your roommate up. You dive into bed, say your prayers, and drift off.

6:00 am

And so it begins again…

Written by: Onajite Taire

Onaijte Taire is volunteering for Voyager Space Outreach to write Blog Posts on STEM/Space Topics.

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