A Day In The Life Of Elon Musk

"Imagine yourself entering your car into an elevator, descending few meters underground and driving through a tunnel at 240 kilometers per hour." (Rubio I., 2018).

In December 2018, Elon Musk, presented an innovative idea that sought to end bottlenecks in large cities; it is a tunnel that allows cars to access speeds of up to 240 km/h through a rail system that adapts to cars and transforms them into fast and modern "mining wagons".

Although the idea has been criticized for accessing only up to 70 km/h in practice exercises, or for adapting only to Tesla cars, it is undoubtedly a demonstration of what the transport modern world could achieve.

Internationally recognized for being the co-founder of companies such as PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Hyperloop, OpenAI or SolarCity among others. Elon Musk is continually intending to change the world by stopping global warming and empowering renewable energies in the market. He is deluded by the existence of a "multiplanetary civilization" initially focused on Martian colonization. He does not like to waste time on "things that do not improve life", so you can already imagine the busy life he leads. After going to bed and sleeping at one in the morning, the first thing that this genius does is read at seven o'clock in the morning -when he has woken up-, what he calls his "critical emails". To do this, he only spends half an hour. (Clifford C., 2017).

In an interview with the president of "Y Combinator", Sam Altman, Elon assured that 80% of his time is based on engineering and design. Engineering and design for the next generations. But, although Elon's agenda may sometimes consist of launching satellites in the morning with Space X; assist to meetings in the afternoon to check Tesla's innovations and sales; and attend assemblies in the evening to see how Neuralink is going; Musk says he likes watching movies, hanging out with friends and playing video games with his children.

He also appears in occasional wild parties like the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.

Elon Musk and Hans Koenigsmann (Vice President of Mission Assurance for SpaceX)

Musk settled into a schedule that increased around 7 AM and went to bed after 1 AM, "the correct number for me is about 6 to 6.5 hours per night," he said in an interview in 2013 in the Computer History Museum of Mountain View (Coren M., 2017)

Elon, despite being an entrepreneur without pause has, just as all of us, interests and free time; "I listen to music in the car," he said, before remembering us other kind of hobbies. "I watch movies, although less these days," he said. (Coren M., 2017)

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Written by: Andres Felipe Pinzon Pulecio

Andres Felipe Pinzon Pulecio is volunteering for Voyager Space Outreach to write blog posts on Space/STEM oriented topics.

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