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Shaping a fairer world through SDGs and STEM innovation.

My name is Elly Savatia,18 years old from Nairobi, Kenya.I am a tech enthusiast and social innovator. Last year I was privileged to be accepted to join New York Academy of Sciences as a young member and ambassador.This desire and strong commitment to changing the world has in turn led to my pursuit of STEM and innovation. I am the Founder and President of Innovate4SDGsinitiative.

Early this year I brought together a team of enthusiasts and volunteers who are contributing to help achieve the goals of this organization. Innovate4SDGs initiative is a youth led organization which is passionate about equipping young people with knowledge on sustainable development goals as well as sparking interest in STEM innovation towards solving local and global goals. The level of awareness of SDGs among young people in Kenya is very low and my organization believes that as we achieve this information gap we will be pushing towards redesigning the future of Africa. Where young people will pursue STEM and have the ability to convert whatever little they have into meaningful knowledge and products.

Our impact has started in our local community in Nairobi area and its outskirts where we reach schools and engage them in STEM mentorship and discussions focusing on STEM innovation and the global goals. In three months,we will be organizing our very first SDG and STEM innovation challenge. Join us as we push to impact the world through mentoring STEM innovation.

Elly Savatia