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AMALAT - An International Network To Tackle Climate Change

The latest reports of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are regrettable and alarming, as are the amount of garbage, extinct species and scientific predictions of irreversible changes caused by climate change. If the authorities do not take action, we are the citizens in charge of demanding greater actions that change the interim laws of the country to adapt to environmental problems. But how can citizens claim something they do not know or do not understand?

AMALAT - Latin American Environmental Action (Acción Medio Ambiental Latinoamérica) -aims to connect people individually and collectively (from clubs and groups) to act in synchrony through an international network with projects and plans that attack and solve the problem.

The first phase of AMALAT is based on allying organizations, groups and clubs that can duplicate actions throughout Latin America. Two ambassadors per country will be in charge of contacting and controlling the active participation of their country. As well as sharing ideas and working as a team with the international committee. The second phase is based on projects such as marches, talks, dissemination of relevant content to reach all corners and thus spread the reality that crosses the planet.

As a third phase, AMALAT will propose a plan of adaptable measures depending on the needs of the country to achieve the goals, which are commensurate with the relevant action in the face of the environmental crisis. In addition to making all possible efforts to stop climate change, it is also necessary to have a contingency plan in the face of natural disasters that will trigger droughts, destruction of infrastructures, diseases, etc.

Milena José Bravo Valarezo