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Learning, practicing and advocating STEM

Hailing from the city nation of Singapore, I live in an environment where innovation and human capital is greatly cherished. From learning, I have transitioned to become a practitioner of STEM, conducting research under local universities and research institutes, while entering science olympiads and research fairs. Being a New York Academy of Sciences Junior Academy Ambassador, and having met many like-minded individuals from all over the world, I am now part of a larger community of youth worldwide advocating for STEM advancement and awareness. Our advocacy efforts can be seen through our recently launched international youth-run STEM publication, The Scientific Teen, where I am part of the founding team and am now acting as the Chief Financial Officer. As an upcoming generation of STEM enthusiasts, we hold the key to ensuring STEM’s continual progress and its application through innovation, for the benefit of people worldwide. So join us, as we push into new frontiers, make new breakthroughs, and impact many lives for the better in the decades to come.

Gideon Tay