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Outstanding Team Award - Space Camp, USA

Over the summer I got the opportunity to go to space camp for the second time. This summer I did the advanced program for ages 15-18 called Advanced Academy. I was put into a team of 15 people - 6 girls including myself and 9 boys. All most all of our engineering challenges included us being on a strict budget that became very problematic in the rocket challenge. We had to build rockets out of different materials. At first attempt, we didn’t succeed. But then eventually, by working hard on it, we were able to make it work. Our Team effort was designated as commendable in different projects and activities by awarding me and my team as the ‘Outstanding Team Award’ at the Space Camp. I believe that you have to fail in order to learn and progress further. Space camp was amazing and It’s great to be able to work with people that have the same passion as I do.

Lillian Cartino

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