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Astronomy and Space Physics Society!

A while back, when I was a fresher in college sifting through the recruitment forms of a dozen clubs and student bodies, there was one that stood out prominently from the rest. A brand new technical society known as the Astronomy and Space Physics Society (ASPS for short) was looking for its first recruits.The society was established through the efforts of interested students and faculty and this meant that the head of the society at the time was one of its founders as well! 3 years later, I am very grateful to be the secretary of this vibrant technical society. The group provides a platform for students of our university who are interested in Astronomy and the Space Sciences to pursue their passions. As members of the society, students have participated and excelled in various regional and international competitions in addition to working on projects involving topics varying from Mars settlements to amateur telescopes. As a society, we hope to encourage and empower young minds fascinated by space and reach even greater heights.

Reuben Gorgi

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