The Intergalactic Journey of a Pakistani girl

The fact that there is no awareness of Astronomy in our general public urged me to start my outreach campaign. I believe that every child should see the beauty beyond the planet Earth, at least once in his life time. I visit schools, hospitals, orphanages and tell kids about space. It is never easy to manage this task with my studies. I have to sacrifice my friend's hangouts, grades and Sundays to conduct STEM outreach campaigns and inspire kids. Hard work pays off. Pakistan is among 9 countries who sent artwork done by pediatric patients to the International Space Station (ISS) and Astronauts even replied it from there! I won a telescope signed by an Astronaut for my volunteer work in Pakistan, my story (documentary) made by Ali Rizvi won at an international film festival! With the wishes from Neil deGrasse Tyson and my mentors in Pakistan, I'll keep creating space awareness. - Ad Astra Yumna

Watch Yumna's documentary here.

Yumna Majeed

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