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Teaching a passion for STEM

Hardly 15, mesmerized by every detail of big tech offices, I felt at home, amongst the innovations of technology, when I was learning to code in my beloved city of Budapest. Up until the point, my first ever code ran, I strived to be a writer, but that moment I first hit enter my life changed. Now at almost 19, I work to instill the passion for science into other young kids. I volunteer by mentoring girls between ages 8-18 at Skool, teaching coding at Kódgarázs. I am also an Ambassador to the Association of Hungarian Women in Science. I have had the greatest honor of talking about outreach, the importance of STEM and overall my passion for science, technology, and space on tv, radio, and even at meetups, panels. I have been able to witness uncountable moments of pride when someone's first ever code ran successfully. Those are the moments that now drive me every day towards reaching my goals. One step at a time, I am now a Young Member of the New York Academy of Sciences and will begin my studies at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University as an engineering major this upcoming August. Therefore my greatest goal in life is working as part of a space program; To help others, improve the human race, prove that beauty and art are behind scientific progression while motivating as many as possible to do the same.

Eszter Anna Varga

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