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Women in Space: A New Frontier

My name is Bianca Vasquez and I am an engineering student. I started the Society of Women in Space Exploration (SWISE) to promote women, diversity and inclusion in space exploration. Now is the beginning of a new era of space exploration - we are innovating with new technologies & ideas more than ever before. Diversity is extremely beneficial for STEM; it yields diverse thoughts and diverse solutions. Like most STEM fields, space exploration is mostly white and male-dominated. We must support underrepresented groups, giving them the resources and network that will help them to thrive as college students and young professionals.

SWISE launched in late January of 2019. We have expanded to 32 chapters across the country. Our members are extremely ambitious, motivated and excited to be a part of an exciting future in space exploration. Nationwide organization activity in just these few months include things like bonding events, movie showings, hosting professional guest speakers, outreach initiatives, and more.

The SWISE team and members are extremely passionate about uplifting others and making space a place for everyone. It is extremely wonderful knowing that I have created something that is helping others and I am excited to see this grow and develop.

You can learn more at; Twitter & Instagram: @SWISEofficial

Bianca Vasquez