What is Earth Science?

Earth science is the science to get acquainted with our habitat. Also known as Geoscience, it is the branch of science that deals with the physical constitution of this planet earth and the adjacent atmosphere. In other words, it is the understanding of how our planet works. It’s about unleashing the earth's past, exploring the ways it has changed over times, what may await in the future, and how to care for our mother earth. On the whole, Earth Science can be divided into three sections that are Astronomy, Meteorology, and Geology.

In the process of understanding the Earths system, Geoscientists have to investigate the earth through space to get on its standings in our solar system and in the universe. They use the huge space telescopes to figure out how we have been here. Astronomy includes all the galaxies, stars, moons and the planets. It explains the laws of gravity, motion and the movement of the earth and the other similar objects.

Meteorology is the study of earth’s thin shell or the atmosphere. This is the part of atmospheric science that deals with weather forecasting by explaining the atmospheric chemistry and physics. Meteorology has been studied for thousands of years. Meteorologists are the one explaining how energy travels through the air and water that surrounds the earth. This field focuses on weather, climate patterns, and global climate change.

Geology deals with the solid part of the earth. It describes the earth from the molted core to the rock-hard surface. It consists of studying volcanos, earthquakes, the landforms, and the oceans, explores for the resources like oil and gases. It also studies the history of the lives that have lived and are living today on our planet. The geologists hypothesize about the core and its characteristics, as we cannot directly seek into them.

Why is Earth Science important?

Studying the science of earth is immensely significant. The important data the earth scientists collect is shared with all other geoscientists around the globe, helping to know and to explain what is going on with our planet and why. Geoscience is all about changes that have taken place over time; from the beginning of the planet billions of years ago through the ages. By only studying earth science, we can learn about how the continents were formed, separated, and is changing to date. How the mountains raised, how the seas opened or got closed. With the help of latest technology and animations, studying earth science today, we can see the unimaginable facts. We can get to know how the rocks have been formed, can see how the catastrophic events that have happened in the past have effects on the landscape we see today. It is important for every one of us to learn how the earth's system works. Only by doing so we can evaluate our habitat in the way it deserves, try proacting the surface, the atmosphere, safeguard water and forests. Earth science is the only knowledge with what we can best create public awareness for the issues we are facing today. Through rediscovering this science, we must learn to respect and care more for our lovely planet in a better and more effective way.

Written by: Bayezid Hossain

Bayezid Hossain is volunteering for Voyager Space Outreach to write Blog posts on Space/STEM oriented topics.

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