Wormholes: A Portal to Another Universe

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

A Wormhole is a theoretical passage that breaks through the universe and creates a tunnel from one opening to another (usually a black hole and a white hole) acting as a shortcut through the universe. The space-time fabric of the universe can bend and stretch until it folds over itself and creates a tunnel from one end to another, with the interior part being called hyperspace.

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In 1935, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen used Einstein's Theory of Relativity to expand on his initial concepts. In his theory, Einstein does predict the existence of wormholes and how they would work mathematically, but with the help of Rosen, the two men go deeper into the existence of these “shortcut” tunnels calling them Einstein-Rosen bridges, or wormholes. However, even though we have all this theoretical evidence that wormholes could exist, there is no definite proof of them existing, nor do we have any real idea on how wormholes could be created or how they would work. There are multiple theories of them being created out of a special type of matter, and these tunnels bending backwards to be able to go back in time, but no actual evidence.

Time and Space Travel

The most commonly asked questions when discussing wormholes are how will it benefit our space travel? And would we be able to use this to time travel? Actually, these questions have a lot in common. With looking at space travel, is would take an infinite amount of rocket power to allow us to travel beyond the speed of light to be able to explore the other side of our galaxy, but in order to get there, while not being in space for centuries, is to use a wormhole. It could be possible to fold our own galaxy over itself, which could create a passage tunnel that would allow us to get to and explore the other side of the galaxy within weeks. After discovering how to manipulate and achieve this task, we could work bigger and keep using these wormholes to allow us to explore other sides of our own universe or even tunnels to other universes.

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However, from space travel, the most common concern would be unwanted time travel. The problem can occur when travelling back through the wormhole, because the universe is always shifting and moving and the breakage of space-time, it would be possible to go back through the wormhole to a time before one even left. Which is where time travel comes a major part of this situation. It would first be incredibly hard to go through the wormhole, but returning to the exact time and position that one would want, could be even more complicated. If the goal is to time travel to the future or past, it would have to be done using the wormhole to bend time to allow you to get to the correct destination. It would take warping of space-time in the correct way to fold ourselves onto each other to be able to accomplish this.

Right now, scientists have no actual evidence of wormholes and time traveling existing, but who knows what could happen in the future.

Written by: Ellie Humphreys

Ellie Humphreys is the Board Member for Voyager Space Outreach for writing Blog posts on STEM/Space Topics.

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